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tv   11 News  NBC  May 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> we just made -- >> deadly twisters rule throughout the midwest. hundreds of home destroyed in an unmanned number of people are dead. good evening. tornado watches cover a large
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swath. reports of dozens of twisters. meteorologist john collins with the weather. >> big upper air storm over minnesota has been dragging a front across the mississippi valley. and on the radar satellite combination you can see these storms lined up from texas to the great lakes moving to the east slowly. these are nighttime storms. we even have storms in the mid-atlantic region. we want to talk, get a report frow from frances co-for the tour of the damage there. >> from the skies above minneapolis the extent of the devastation was stunning. on the ground reactions were deafening. >> glass was flying everywere. tornados dumped debris for miles and left thousands in the
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dark. furter south in reding, cans, mother nature delivered a cripping blow on saturday. the attorney packed winds up to 165 miles an hour. the twister crushed 20 homes and sparked a state of emergency across 16 counties. in missouri a close confrontation was powerful nouf rattle even a seasoned team from the weather channel. >> i'm not sure that i witnessed anything like it with my life. shows you the power. >> the tornado pummeled while curling cars across neighborhoods. >> altogether a sudden spring outbreak ravaging the harm of the nation's midsection. >> what's behind all this activity? a contrast in air masses there's an area of low pressure. and that's basically cold air
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been a situation we've had alet of the spring so far in the southeast and the jet stream, a very strong jet stream between the two air masses. that's where all the thunderstorm activity was being generated right now. and a similar situation occurred on april 27 just a little more than a month ago. a big upper air low at the upper midwest and cold air was kind of locked in with warmer air in the southeast and a jem winding its way between the two. as a result, 268 tornado reports came in that day with 314 fatailts. right up into the northeastern part of the u.s. you can learn more about how that he form by checking out our weather blog. just click on the weather. and i'll have a like at four forecast and the sane coming up ahead. >> thank you. and the deadly storms will
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affect affect that swollen mississippi river. much of the rain will enter the mississippi aggravating the river. this is video of the louisiana. where the water is so high it's almost touching power lines there. a secondary levee is now holding the back the bulk of the water threatening the prison there. four people were killed and nine others injured at militants attacked. loud explosions an gunfire could be heard early today. this appears to be the most seniors in over a year. inside the base, fighting with base personnel. no group has claimed responsibility. two american soldiers have been killed in iraq. the first deaths this month. officials say the soldiers were conducting operations in central iraq but no further details have been released.
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it's been more than two months since a baltimore journalist went missing in libya. tonight, his case is about to get the attention of a powerful congressman. live in the news room with this. >> matthew's family hopes the new partnership with the ranking member of the house intelligence committee is the beginning of more good news than bad following a risky assumet in the middle east. >> she sent her days e mailing officials updating officials. >> it's my almost family. what else am i going to do? >> matthew is the 31-year-old freelance journalist who was writing a book. he was in libya as clashes between gaddafi government forces and rebels intest fid.
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he hasn't been heard from since. on monday his mom and girl frepped will announce they've enlisted the help of dutch rupersburger. >> we've thought from the beginning that getting his name out there, getting the situation out there, the more people that know the better. you don't know who might know. >> the best guess is he was captured along with about a thousand residents. this mother-girlfriend team reached out to the state department but the lack of u.s. diplomatic presence made its role difficult. so sharon flew to turkey with his pictures in tow and knocked on the doors and spoke to an official. >> he was really -- i felt very good leaving there. whether or not the pictures weren't in the trash after i left, i have no idea. >> and while they have no idea when they'll see matthew again, they have each other to stay
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strong. >> we are not going to sit in front of a camera and become the victims. it's about him. it's not about us. >> matthew's mom and girl friend are encouraged by the fact that last week libya released four western journalists from captain tivity. two of them are americans. >> late tonight tim paul entive announced he will be running for president. the former minnesota governor is expected to make a public appearance tomorrow. he says his presidential campaign will be tell the american people the truth. you can scratch indiana governor mitch daniels from the race. he said he will not be running in the 2012 race. that's a big disappointment for the tea party and now the search begins for someone else to run. congressman paul ryan's name was mentiond but he said it's not going to happen.
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>> i want to stay focused on where we are right now and that is getting our fiscal house in order. >> foremost herman cain is running. the race still remains wide open. former alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential hopeful sara palin has flirted with the idea of running and now people in arizona are buzzing about the possibility that she is moving to scots dale. political spectators said she would move to arizona. you can take a look at who is running and who is not by logging on to our website all under politics. a man is in custody tonight in connection with the beating of a baseball fan outside dodgers stadium. l.a. police served an arrest warrant early this morning
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removing several people from an east hollywood apartment. police have been looking for if person who beat the fan. >> it's great news. hopefully they'll catch everybody who was involved in this senseless act. >> as of now, police believe the only motive was he was wearing a rival team's colors. he is still in a comba and doctors do not know if he will ever make a full recovery. >> the preakness did leave behind quite a mess. crews were out cleaning up the inif he would. the maryland jockey club said 107,398 people attended this year's preakness. the seventh largest crowd ever. attendance is now back to levels before 2009 when they banned patrons from bringing their own alcohol.
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our preakness coverage continues on line on did your horse win? if you filled up your tank today, you may have noticed quite a chunk of change that stayed in your pocket. gas prices finally going down. dropped 9 cents friday to 3.89. still, higher than a month ago but aaa believes the trend will continue. >> many analysts are expecting that we will continue to see them decline and hopefully by july or august see them between the 3.25 and 3 hth 75 margin. >> fortunately, the retreat comes just in time for memorial day travel. if you're hitting the road this weekend don't forget you can find the lowest gas prices in the area. >> temperatures beginning to
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feel a little more summer like. we'll talk about that in just a minute. >> and a huge plume of ash ignites fear of another shutdown. the latest on this eruption. you may recall this at the royal wedding. now it's quite the hot seller. how much it really sold for. next. two viewers travel to chicago for oprah's fair swell spectacular shows. spectacular shows. i'm take you to the windy city. [ horns honking ]
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of america's largest 100% fiber optic network. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> well, fear of an air travel night mare erupted saturday.
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president obama's flight to ireland are being told to steer clear of iceland. the smoke plume rises 12 miles into the sky. it hasn't yet moved toward europe. another volcano in how much would you be willing to pay for a piece of royalty? that famous hat that princess beatrice was wearing at the wedding. the money from the hat will go to unicef and children in crisis sis. it caused quite a stir and even been compared to antlers and a pretsle. >> fan or no fan. what will be headache this week on wbaltv is television history. 30 seconds ads are selling for $1 million for the final show
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wednesday. and the monday and tuesday shows are incredible. >> we blew into the windy city, oprah's post baltimore home where more than 4500 episodes have been taped and where the final public taping surprise spectacular would take place at the united center. bumping the playoff schedules by a day. >> the doors open in 15 seconds. nobody knows who they're going to see but they know they're going to see oprah. i'm thinking queen la teefa. will and jadea probably. she has so many -- dr. phil. dr. ozz. maybe barack, maybe michelle. >> you're on a first name basis with all these people.
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>> i'm hoping for little things like cars. >> do you think you're going to win anything or get anything? >> we hope so. i hear cars. no, i'm just kidding. i am excited because we are about to go into the united center for what i consider the super bowl of all televisions. perry hall bought best friend after winning an online contest sponsored by wbaltv. i've been ready. >> when they arrived at the united center the windy city would truly blow them away as every major store and entertainment did the queen of v fair well. >> it was really cool. it was the most star studded event that i have ever witnessed hands down. it kicks off tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 right here. and how well do you know oprah?
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you can take our quiz on our website. we've also posted the show throughout the year. just click on entertainment. >> let's check out again that radar and satellite combination. we've had some thin clouds overhead this evening. these are not radar echoes of rain, these are false echoes in the warm atmosphere that we have here. the real storm activity is in the mountains southwest of baltimore. these storms are kind of drifting in our direction so we could get some rain later tonight and early tomorrow. a lot of the steam will be taken out by the time it gets to if bay but you may hear a rumble of thunder or two as we get later into the overnight hours this evening. don't be surprised about that. there's a lot more that came from. not as warm as yesterday. it was basically a dry day but
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a lot more clouds. 78 at the inner harbor. 76s typical. no rain as of yet. although i was outside there were a few sprinkles but nothing official. this evening temperatures mostly around 60, around the bay give or take a few degrees. where it's yellow temperatures slightly warmer closer to 70. even in the 60s to the west. an indication of warm air is starting to move into the area. shows some thunderstorm activities with a few cells in there out to the mountains in the west. again it's drifting in our direction. here's a more or less stationary front this evening. the air is a little cool tore the northeast of the front and quite a bit warmer and more humid. this is very summer like air mass. this entire storm system will spend about a week trying to
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prove across the country we'll get impulses coming out about every day. for the most of the week we'll be in the warm air mazzes. shows that rain to the west coming in overnight slipping to our south may be in the area tomorrow. then we dry out for a while but by tomorrow evening, late in the afternoon another threat of thunderstorm activity coming through the area. so will be rain all day tomorrow. so mostly cloudy overnight, a few scattered thorse. tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds. a thunderstorm chance cropping up. there may be something lingering first in the morning and something later on today. south to southwest winds. slight risk for severe weather primarily west of baltimore and in the hoy virginia. any chance for some severe thunderstorm activity.
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our future cast taking us beyobbed tomorrow. here's monday evening. then we dry up for a little while but as we get into tuesday. again, maybe a shower or thundershower in the area. when it passes through we do dry out for a while. but not necessarily done with the wet weather yet or at least a chance of it. most likely late in the day again on tuesday. we'll trike to catch a break wednesday. then thursday rige in the next weekend, rain chances each day. most of the time partly scoy skies. best chance afternoon evening. typical summer like. with high temperatures in the 80s and lows, mostly in the 60. >> wish you luck with your sports cast because john lost his voice and i lost my voice. >> the oreyols try to win a
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series in maryland. the cross team. go there next sports.
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>> the ncaa men's lacrosse comes to town this week. three out of four participants
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called the acc home including the tarpen. thanks for their thrilling upset today of number one syracuse. absolutely, picking up third quarter. tied two apiece. great through traffic. hits jake. 3-2 maryland. end today. ryan young just a rifle pass. quick to home. with one second left. syracuse caught napping. hard to predict perfection like that. great effort maryland 5-3. fourth quarter. driving the big shot. 55 overtime. remember for the pass there to grant. no keeper on the planet could stop that one.
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6-5 your final. head coach the ball leaves his hat hand. >> they probably have been through more than anybody else. i know every team have to get used to a new staff for a young guy to lose basically his bess friend, somebody who meant so much to him and to see our guys stick together and play hard is unbelievable. >> the maryland men will face duke on saturday. maryland women will face duke on friday in the final four. top seeded terps rolled into the weekend. as maryland takes its annuals seat of the final four table. sarah and katie each scored four times. duke, maryland on stage for all genders next weekend. we hope for the rivalry to have more at stake and there is reason to believe that's not too far away. but it's what we've got. more specifically it's what
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they earned pre-game festivities, it seems the bird has met its match. wilson, shot to right rick. the gold glove resume. he has his a game for much of the jamp. robert cannot catch up. he retired 13 straight in one stretch. top four bases loaded. jason scores. 1-0 washington. that a boy. first homer this month two-run shot. just sign off two. kevin greg facing roger bern deana gets him swagging. why would you ever run on matt. unreal behind the plate right now. the orioles take the game 2-1. he almost makes him smile.
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>> today's a good example what we hoped that he would bring for us, just the presence as much as anything. a lot of times he walks in the door. >> i think i saw just the tiniest. >> quick weather check. >> thunderstorms to our southwest. kind of drifting in this direction so you may hear thunder overnight and a ran chains tomorrow. >> we'll be right back with >> we'll be right back with more.
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